The 8 Hells of Beppu, Japan


DSCN6596_P The beautiful blue water of the largest hot spring at Umi Jigoku.

One of the reasons we were in Beppu (別府市) was for the famous 8 Hells (Jigoku or 地獄), which is essentially a collection of hot springs. Each hell was distinct, individualized by the hot spring itself, although the decorations did add to the diversity. Six of the Hells were located in close proximity in Kannawa District (鉄輪) while the last two were in Shibaseki District (柴石). On the day of our visit, the weather turned against us and even though the steam from the hot springs clouded practically everything in sight, the grey sky and the drizzling rain made our tour a bit colder. Perhaps that was the appropriate weather to fully appreciate hot springs! 🙂 

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