The next Evel Knievel

Raiders of the Cookie Jar

I always knew that having a boy would mean a lot of rough games and crazy stunts. I just expected those crazy antics to start when he’d be around 4-5 years old. What a silly goose I am!

Oscar is a daredevil, and a stubborn one too. The kind of daredevil that will do something even if he’s been told/shown that it’ll hurt. Even if he’s already done it and fell. He’ll keep at it until he doesn’t fall anymore. Got to applaud him for his perseverance for sure.

So far, his stunts ended more in a tiny bump of the head or a fall on his (well padded thanks to the nappy) bottom. I’d not call these minor side effect of his stunt-toddler-ship but at least, no blood was ever drawn.

Yup. First blood. It used to be linked to a Rambo movie, now it will forever be…

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