Who will knock on the doors of perception?


The human race is not even close to knowing how the universe works, and our view of reality is very cramped and closed.Mind (whatever it was) has a dominant role, in itself hiding the door to other worlds, and the term of David Icek “prison five senses “really well describes our current situation.

One of the most intriguing areas of UFOlogy has become known as ‘abduction’. Surely you do not sound unfamiliar – at least because it served as a template for the famous TV series “The X-Files”, “intruders” and “Kidnapped” ( “X-files”, “Intruders” and “Taken”.)

There are variations, but there are some universal characteristics abduction experiences. In short, the kidnapped are usually forcibly dragged to the powerful light, often while driving or sleeping in bed. Almost without exception, later I can not remember a lost period of time. Very often carry mental, and physical scars of their experiences. Mentally “scars”…

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