The “Designer” Process


Do we always know exactly where we’re going in Room 5? No. That’s what is so great. You never know the connections that will come up between subject matter, and we are currently working on a doozy.

  1. IMG_5208We have been learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We have been creating different tones of colour and colour mixing. We have been learning about the colour wheel (yet another connection to circles and the cyclical nature of life; our big idea this year).We have been exploring light in relation to colour. We have made rainbows in our room using water, light, art mediums and media.
  2. We have been discussing interesting language in literacy. What words can we add to a text to help describe our image using all of our senses? How do we make it more exciting? We have been discussing alliteration and tongue twisters as a means to play…

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