We Don’t Need Superheroes- We Need Anti-Supervillains


Fiction is a pep-talk a culture gives itself. We can learn a lot about a people by the tales they tell. We gravitate to stories that reinforce what we believe and hold dear. From our earliest days we’ve created myths, legends and fairy tales to teach moral lessons and boundaries. The fiction we create tells us how to be ‘Us’.

Joseph Cambell kind of messed up how we think about fiction when he showed us the trick- almost every story told revolved around the monomyth, or archetype of the hero’s journey. You’ve heard this one before- a young person (usually a man because history is kind of sexist) discovers a calling, embarks on a journey, overcomes a great obstacle or other task and returns a better man for the experience to share the rewards with the world. Of course there’s a lot more to it than that, but this is…

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