Dream Interpretations

The Art of Growing Up

So I did some research to try to figure out why I’m having nightmares. I obviously can’t ignore them, because they are happening almost every night. Even though I feel like I’m pretty happy, apparently I have something deep rooted going on.

So, I’ve been researching it. I guess my nightmares aren’t always a bad thing. When I researched death in dreams, it usually means that something is coming to an end. Maybe some parts of myself or certain things going on in my life are coming to an end.  I dreamed I was being tortured in my last dream, and apparently that means that I feel helpless in things that are going on in my life. That also explains why I couldn’t take a plane out of there, because when I dreamt about my plane having been cancelled, that also symbolizes feeling helpless. I dreamt that my “brother” was…

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