Lemon Tree

A short story based on Lemon Tree song from Fools Garden.

“I wrote this one to conquer my fear and in the process I made peace with myself.”
– ShashiK.



There was a sweet fragrance in the air; wind was neither too cold and nor too warm, just apt to get sunk in by the skin. Lakshay could feel apricity on his face coming from the glass window through which he was watching adolescents playing cricket.
The thick mosses covered the ground with contrasting pallets of colour budging out from pigmented petals. It was a kind of afternoon when writers step out of their shell to indulge in their muse or writers sunbathe sitting at a pinewood table unraveling their griefs and glees.

Lakshay was neither of them. He recently quit his job as an architect in Kolkatta and shifted back to his native place-Dehradoon. He…

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