9 ingredients full super nutritious lunch

My life with Ema

Can that be? Of course! Happy lazy Mother’s Day!

For soup, you will need

  • one bigger batata ( sweet potato )
  • two medium size potatoes
  • 1 small onion ( of half of a medium sized one )
  • spice of your choice ( ours: bay leaf ), but that’s optional
  • salt
  • water

ingredients for batata soup


  1. Peel the batata, potatoes and onion
  2. Chop all of them
  3. Heat up the oil ( or butter ) and add onions and bay leaf, and cook for few minutes
  4. Once they look glassy, add batata and potato and fry for a very small while
  5. Add water and a bit of salt ( that’s optional )
  6. When batatas and potatoes are tender, mix all ingredients with a hand blender. You’ll get a rich creamy soup.

I added a bit of nori seedweeds on top just to increase the variety of nutrients in the soup.

For the main course, you will need

  • salmon
  • broccoli

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