A Loose Thread.


The waves washed Darshika’s feet as she stood on the beach watching the sunset. Though the sight gave her immense pleasure, yet she missed the evenings that were spent at home. A drop of tear trickled down her cheeks & fell in the waves that came ashore. life was just the same to her now. All the silent complaints she made didn’t reach to God & got lost in the midway, just like her tears were lost in the sea. But pain made her try again & again.

“Darshika Madam, it’s time.”, the nurse said from behind, bringing Darshika back from her thoughts to reality.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a while.”, she said.

Picking up her guitar, she followed the nurse silently to a house nearby. The nurse left as they reached the main gates of the house. Darshika rang the doorbell. “Mr. & Mrs. Amit Joshi”, the nameplate…

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