‘Cause I’m a Man

Tales From Beijing

Dear Beijing

It’s only been a couple of months but already I love being inside you so much. However there’s some habits of yours that can really grate; I guess we’ve reached that stage where we need work through our differences and compromise – except you’ll never, ever do that. So I’ll just suck it up and take it like a man. Not without a few snide remarks though…

It does feel rather British: gallivanting to far corners of the world in search of wanderlust and then complaining when you get there. My home town was far too small but Beijing is simply too big: It’s heaving 25 million residents – give or take – are more than the entirety of Australia.

The subway at rush hour is frightening: streams upon streams of homo sapien robots swarm for the trains in a blur of commuter madness; we’re jam-packed like sardines…

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