A Faith Worth Dying For

Catholic, Charismatic and Pro-life by Ron Quinlan

Yesterday I heard an Egyptian woman give a testimony as to what is happening to Catholics and other Christians in Syria. What amazed me was that people who were lukewarm Catholics before the persecutions became stronger in their faith. Syria is not an isolated case. Over the past few years there have been reports of Catholics dying for their faith in Indonesia, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and the Philippines. It is ironic that people are willing to risk their lives to attend mass while the majority of American Catholics skip Sunday mass.
We are part of a Church that has long suffered persecution. Over the history of the Church it is likely that millions sacrificed their lives rather than give up their faith.
It started at the time of the Apostles. Almost everyone remembers that all of them except John ran away on the night of Jesus’ arrest…

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