Potty Talk


Let me just be clear on MY stance on the whole Bathroom Dilemma. Coming from an actual transgendered woman. These new policies from places that are allowing people to “Use the bathroom they PREFER” is NOT right. HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big however, if someone is OBVIOUSLY transgender, YES! YES THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE THE RESTROOM THEY PREFER!
I say it this way because I use the womens restroom, no I am not anotmically a woman yet, however I FULLY IDENTIFY as a woman in mind, body and soul, as does my drivers license reflect such change.

There are many “social experiments” where men… CIS men, NON TRANSGENDERED MEN ask if they can use the womens restroom.

I do NOT agree that a CISMale- non transgender should be able to use the ladies restroom. However a transwoman, yes. Same goes for Trans Male. If they feel more comfortable using the mens room…

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