Do not adjust your Eurovision


Eurovision 2016 was here, and has already happened by now. Here we review each song in a brief way in order to save you as much time as possible whilst also giving you all the essential information (just in case you “accidentally” missed the contest). Some of these comments come from members of our family.

Mr Israel Mr Israel

Belgium: ‘Uptown Funk’ or ‘Sax’ (Fleur East) sound. A “reasonable costume”, a well choreographed dance routine. But she could pass for 40 despite being only 19.

Czech Republic: Zzzzzzzz. She stands (alone). We don’t like her necklace.

Netherlands: A favourite for the Popfools family (but I found it a bit boring).

Azerbaijan: Off key, sheer catsuit.

Hungarian: Looks like he would be OK, then he opens his mouth.

Italy: Is she a gardener? Dungrees. Off key.

Israel: An emo in a sparkly outfit. Pyrotechnics. Twirly typical Eurovision dancers in background.

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