In Which It Is EUROVISION 2016


This year, I’m watching with US commentary, which will be reported in ”s.  Quoting someone from my twitter feed is in “”s. Self plagiarism from last year is hopefully marked clearly enough.

So in the preamble, on this, the first year that Eurovision is broadcast on TV live to the US (thanks Logo TV!), the general principle of the event is described as follows:

‘It’s kind of like American Idol meet Hunger Games.’

‘It’s like a rave at the UN.’

The actual shows starts off with a long intro but I’m happy with that. Gives me chance to get set up! And we get ‘Just a reminder in the US we can’t vote for *Euro*vision. But we can vote for the president’. Here we gooooo:

  1. Belgium

‘Her song is great’ – no commentators, we’ll be the judge of that. Actually, its quite catchy and I like the shiny outfit. Good start…

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