Maintaining Your Positivity While You Work (For Writing, Book, Beauty Bloggers& More)

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Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Anthony Cosimini

-Contributor, Aspiring Author, Freelance Writer, Motivational Speaker, Founder & Owner of Mistersherbetlemon

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Maintaining Your Positivity While You Work (5 min read)

Breaking into any kind of creative industry can be tough when you work independently. It requires persistence and a willingness to walk the hard road with no clear end in sight.

Yet no matter how determined you are to achieve your goals, willpower can be a fickle thing and can abandon you even when doing the things that you love. Self-doubt can set in unexpectedly, hindering you from working to the best of your ability.

This can be demoralizing and will most likely be damaging to your progress but it’s a common problem and it’s completely normal. Your potential to succeed is not defined by whether or not you feel doubts throughout your journey to success. It’s defined by how you overcome them.

Maintaining the positivity and motivation to continue…

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