Bali Break


As we headed to the ferry for Bali, having ditched the car in an almighty traffic jam, weaving in and out of the traffic queue in the cloying heat and dust dragging our bags behind us, Barney piped up with ‘if there’s a first class section, please can we get tickets’. Hopefully he was joking, but I assured him that there was no such thing on an Indonesian ferry and that we would be best off sitting near the life rafts anyway. With our uncanny knack for coinciding with public holidays, the heavily rusting ferry drifted out in the channel between Java and Bali for an hour waiting for a slot to disembark while we breathed in the diesel fumes belching from the funnels and Bas refused to buy the kids pot noodles.They are actually a thing in Indonesia. A toxic combination of processed foods, that bloody palm oil again…

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