“Jesus Ate Regularly with Tax Collectors and Sinners—So Why Can’t you Bake a Cake?”

Probably you’ve seen this provocative challenge on Facebook.
It’s interesting that this statement
doesn’t seem to mind who it clearly equates those ordering the cake with.

But as the statement asserts, Jesus would be happy to eat with them.
And when it’s time for dessert, why didn’t you bring it, you bigoted baker!

When I was young, for a while it became a popular snappy comment, after somebody was bragging about something they had just done, to pooh back:  “Well, what do you want me to do, bake you a cake!”  And everybody knew there would be no chocolate cake with vanilla icing on the way.

For our wedding 26-1/2 years ago, Mary and I wanted the baker who would most put her heart into making us the best cake for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.  One of Mary’s best friends rose to the occasion with a delicious raspberry pound cake.


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