short story 850 words

in my house above the sun

I slowly picked up the the golden lamp rusted with centuries of fulfilled wishes and dreams wondering if the moment was real. Rubbing it as we were all instructed to do as children in Aladdin I watched as the slivery mist somewhat like a patronus flowed out of the spout taking the form of a large man wearing gauchos and several gold hoop earrings with an odd silvery irrdecent glow about him. The man spoke in a deep voice that echoed through the cave “My name is Ohada, you have summoned me hear to fulfill you 3 dearest and most treasured wishes” tinsley already knew what she was to wish for, knowing that all it took to get here was worth it, one thing that everyone craved, searched, and even killed for. Her voice trembling she slowly recited the five word she had constantly said to herself every year on…

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