Pineapples, Carrots and the Nature of Reality

The Self-Help Sucker

This morning my two-year-old daughter was playing with a beautiful felt picnic set that her grandmother bought for her from IKEA. Included in the set were many food items that Americans might think strange: sausages, a whole fish, eggplant and a pineapple. It is not that Americans aren’t familiar with these items, but that they just do not belong in a typical American picnic basket. Where are the sandwiches? Chips? Good old American red apples? And, how is one supposed to hack into a whole pineapple on a picnic? I have trouble elegantly cutting pineapple with the full use of my kitchen facilities and can’t imagine trying to do it in nature.

Anyway, my daughter picked up the pineapple and I asked her what she was holding. “A carrot”, she replied.

“Are you sure that’s not a pineapple?” I asked her.

“No. It’s a carrot,” she said and proceeded to…

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