The Adventures of Bubba and Junior

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When the phone rang, Winston “Bubba” Lovejoy was sitting with his feet propped up on the dashboard of the old yellow school bus that housed the home office of L&S Hauling, LLC. He answered it on the second ring.

“L&S, Bubba speaking.”

“Bubba, this is Lucy Lee. Let me talk to Marion.”

“He’s down by the creek feeding the dawgs. Want me to tell him to call you?”

“I wish he’d pay me half as much mind as he does them damn dawgs.”

“Learn to track a whitetail and he might just do that.”

“Screw you Bubba Lovejoy, and the horse you rode in on. Tell that white trash husband of mine he better call me, or he’ll be having to sleep with the damn dawgs.”

“Lucy Lee, I’ll pass it on, but I still think you oughta consider running deer. It’d help yore marriage…

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