Really I’m A Cat

Sonya Blade

So I know that you’re obsessed with your two fur babies, and I thought this article would make you smile.

21 Times Cats Were You AF

I love cats. Every time I look at one they make my heart melt. Unfortunately I don’t own any because I live at home and my Mom doesn’t want animals in the house.

When I make new friends with people that have and adore cats, I vicariously live through them. Sometimes the only reason I want to hang out with that new “friend” is just so I can get close to their children… That didn’t sound right, but you know what I mean!

Growing up I actually had a cat. Her name was Lucky. She was out of hand though, so we took her to the Humane Society. It was a sad day. But she’s the reason my Mom doesn’t want cats… or any…

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