It All Started Back Then

I was born powder white (that is what people said about me anyway) with curly hair in 1985. My hair was not like the texture I have today at 31 years of age. I had baby hair. That baby hair eventually transitioned to kinky hair. My kinky hair appeared to be dry and unmanageable.

me2I was such a chubby baby. 

My mom would probably kill me if she knew that I shared this photo. My mom said that I was so chunky that she had to put powder in between my “rolls” to keep my skin from chafing. She shared with me a story about a lady in church who rubbed my neck roughly because it was red and irritated from the constant sweating and skin on skin rubbing that had caused my neck to be raw and sore. I can only imagine how my mom reacted to that lady. I mean…who does that to a cute…

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