Surviving Air Travel

Learning How to Travel

Are you giddy with excitement about your upcoming trip over the Atlantic? Did you buy a nice new set of luggage, complete with a small carry on, excited at the prospect of flying over the ocean for the first time in style? Are you imagining your first long distance voyage in a plane to be something like this?


I hate to disappoint you, but unless you splurged on first or business class, your trip will most likely resemble something like this:


Just remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Theoretically. I’m sure that is what the guy holding his ears shut is thinking in the above picture.

Unless you are a tiny sized human, with absolute loss of hearing, and inability to taste anything, you will most likely not enjoy at least a few aspects of air travel.

  • You will most likely be served at least one meal during your flight…

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