New Beginnings

Finding Zen with Monkeys

I am so happy that I’ve found a new way to add posts to my blog – now, I think I can keep my thoughts straight without having to search for my curser like Waldo. This makes my brain happy. Finding simple hacks for my life is an ongoing priority of tasks I seek out daily, like a scavenger hunt; when I successfully locate one I add it to my “List”, the one that keeps me in line daily and ensures I put my slippers on and shower. I’m pretty sure BlogPro for WordPress will be one of those amazing discoveries, like the little rubber thing that helps me open jars and sharpen my eyeliner. It’s the little things in life that create happy days, after all.

This discovery reminds me of the time I realized that Dragon was a useful tool for Spoonies and not a prehistoric animal. It…

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