Beautifying Crunchy Detox Salad

Forget the idea of detox, it’s a myth. Just enjoy a great salad.

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I eat a salad every single day, sometimes twice per day, once at lunch and then dinner. I LOVE crunchy food ? which is probably one of the reasons I love salads. It makes me feel like I?m actually eating something. Plus it?s full of fiber and nutrients to keep me feeling satisfied.

I really enjoy the whole preparation of chopping veggies on my wood cutting board. This might sound strange, but I just love the smell and the sound of ?crunch? when the knife cuts through a carrot. Am I weird? HAHA. I think Vienna likes it too, as she sits across from me in her high chair observing, although in the photo below she?s a little distracted, wondering what daddy is doing on the other side of the camera. Such a cutie patootie!!!

Salad prep

I mix up the ingredients all the time in my salads. Usually, it?s whatever I?ve…

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