Floods and Eternity

Sinister Bend

The ancient Egyptians are among the most celebrated of civilizations. Anything Egyptian is instantly recognizable. They are remembered for being cultured, politically savvy, and excellent engineers. We are constantly in awe at their genius.

Gods of EgyptI don’t care what anyone says. This was an awesome movie.

And yet it is also easy to marvel at the stupidity of ancient egypt. There are two things everyone should know about the ancient Egyptians. They were obsessed with floods, and they were obsessed with eternity.

The Egyptians were obsessed with floods because their lives depended on the annual flooding of the Nile. They were intimately familiar with the power of water to wash away what was, and make way for a new future.

Nile Flood“Move all your electronics to the second floor!”

At the same time, the Egyptians were concerned with eternity. They knew how easy it was for even great traditions to go away…

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