Reflections in the water…

Hopoiporia Tribos

Have you ever had one of those hobbies that is just so much more than a hobby? Growing up my father spent a large amount of his free time introducing and teaching his three boys about nature. We would hike, camp, backpack, fish, and more. Every experience became an intricate part of our DNA. Every mile marker passed, every fish landed became a memory burned into our souls. To this day almost 20 years after leaving the care of my parents those memories still shape me and speak to me deeply.
If you have not guessed by the photos, I am a avid fisherman. My wife may say addiction but I just say it continuing life lesson. Whether it is a small creek in Rocky Mountain Natinoal park or one of the secret hidden gems that I have found over the years, there is something about fishing that speaks deeply…

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