Barriers of Good Intentions

A Scripted Maze

Image provided by Peter erwig Image provided by Peter erwig

The last few weeks I’ve been fumbling and thrashing with pretty much my entire life. In short, I’ve been flat-out dissatisfied with how most things are progressing, if they’re moving forward at all.

I would think that the warmer months would have put me in high gear, making leaps and bounds in whatever I’d pursue. Instead, I find myself wanting to dump much of what I’ve started into the nearest trash receptacle. The urge to delete line after line of whatever I write is almost irresistible. Going through my daily list of blog subscriptions in my email in-box, I have this compulsion to lightly skim over each post, exclaim to myself, “Oh, well, that was interesting.”, delete the notice, and go on to the next one on the agenda. I drag through the household chores, wishing I could have a robot to do all…

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