Normally, asi285415639388582092._szw480h1280_ a dad, you are supposed to make sure your child is always on his or her books, even though it means telling them that you used to top your class, back in the days. I’m that kind of dad. Actually, I was in standard six when I stopped schooling which aids me when I help with my child’s homework. But my child just got into middle high school and men, he must not know that I can’t help no more. Some few years back, you would have heard me yelling out “can’t you multiply 2 by 2? ” or “when will you start spelling correctly?”. I was fond of saying that back in the days, my teachers were so proud of me, that they allow me teach my class. I made my son believe I was such a genius,but now that he’s in JSS1, things have not only…

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