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Hi everyone! Itโ€™s high time I give you an update!So much is happening in the wonderland Iโ€™ve been so graced to live in! So much goodness! So much shedding of fear, drepression, and poverty! Iโ€™m very authentically learning to tap into the unfading source of Life who is Jesus Christ. And I swear I have never ever been happier in my life. This happiness doesnโ€™t come from the Sri Lankan sunshine (certainly not from the rain) or from the delicious curry, but it comes from the revelation of the goodness of God that Iโ€™m drowning in here.

Iโ€™m really discovering that I absolutely cannot predict Him. When I expect Him to teach me a certain thing in a certain way He speaks straight into my heart telling me something that is VERY often starkly contrary to my expectations of what He might tell me. Reason being: my perspeception of whoโ€ฆ

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