The Weekend ~It’s Just a Wednesday

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Those who’ve followed me over the years know the odd evolution of this blog. What began as…an outlet for creative expression, full of fashion and art, writing and inspiration morphed over the years, turning increasingly personal, and then recently completely dropped off. I haven’t posted since my mentor died in January.

As a matter of fact I haven’t written at all, or participated in a single Friday Fictioneers, hell any of my usual creative releases. Other than a recent spurt drawing tattoos (which I was compelled to as they kept invading my dreams), I haven’t drawn at all.  This creative slump on the underneath feels like an artistic identity crisis. Oh hell, it’s a full blown personal identity crisis.

One of my friends recently shared she thought a production company should keep me on staff. That my life alone serves as cinematic gold for plot line inspiration. Honestly…

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