You call that a gorge …….


Day 8 Mainz to Bacharach to Koblenz 10/06/16 Friday
98km; 60 miles

The Mainz Gasthouse was a very modern hotel and each room had an array of light switches marked + or – which made the various lights come on or off in totally unexpected ways.

As with many hotels, each room was equipped with a hand held cycling clothes drying facility that some people also use as a hairdryer. After washing your clothes, you hang it in the shower overnight and then use said implement to finish the drying process. The problem is that said implement is more likely to burn your hand holding the clothing than actually dry it. The alternative is to tie the clothes to your panniers and let them dry as you’re going along. The problem here is that they end up covered in dirt from the tracks and paths so at the end of…

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