Last day…

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Day 12… Last full day.

Over night the Mistral came down the Rhone valley and today the wind is blowing stiff and strong. It is cool and dry and actually feels pretty good considering it was nearly 90 degrees yesterday. The mistral can blow steady for a week and reach speeds of nearly 60 miles per hour at times. Regardless of the danger to sun hats and hair styles we have planned on a fair amount today. Somehow that doesn’t get us out of the house before 10:30 or so. Eh… that’s the point of a vacation. We’ll get there when we get there if we get there..

We ask Sean the GPS to guide us to Rousillon.

Off we go, things are going fine… and then we decide we should get gas. And then the little thing that tells us how many kilometers worth of gas we have left…

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