Bird tongue soup (cheat’s version) – Egypt

Bird tongue soup. How can you not love a soup with such a poetic name? I was introduced to this delicate and comforting treat in Cairo, and it was infatuation at first taste. It has become a trusted staple on my dinner repertoire, especially during the cold winter months of June, July and August. Called Shurbat Lisan Asfour in Arabic, it is a classic Ramadan treat served across North Africa and the Middle East.

It is a nourishing chicken broth with orzo pasta, the look of which has given the soup its name. According to Shada and Annina, who generously cooked the soup for me in Cairo, you start by boiling a chicken in water with stock vegetables. When cooked, you take the chicken out and roast it whole to give it a golden surface before you serve it, while you make Bird Tongue soup of the stock for a…

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