Smoked Herring by the Sea


Two weekends ago, I visited the beautiful island of Bornholm for a rather strenuous bike tour. We were informed that we simply had to try smoked herring while we were there. It has become a speciality on the island of Bornholm because of the prominent fishing industry and smokehouses, especially in Gudhjem. I was unsure about this particular meal, because I have always had an aversion to fish, particularly to fish that still has scales on it. I will eat fried fish sticks, but I turn up my nose at fish that still looks like a fish because my mind tells me that I shouldn’t eat something so scaly.

The smokehouse we ventured into had fish everywhere; strung up, on platters, on the wall.. but it did not smell as disgustingly fishy as I feared it would. A smoky scent filled the room, and I was presented with a traditional smoked herring…

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