It’s not always a small world (after all).

Wrinkles, Wisdom, & Wit

a city skyline is perfect for a new housewarming gift.

My husband and I lived in Almaty, Kazakhstan in Central Asia for 9 years.  We loved our lives there, but there were times when I had to rely upon God’s grace and His  plan to be polite and gracious and brave.  These situations usually involved  food or medication.  Actually our lives were very safe and comfortable, but we experienced life in a way we had never anticipated.

The first time we ate at a national home, the plates were small, like  dessert plates. I was relieved.  I could eat that much of just about anything.  The table was lovely, with about 5 different varieties of salad.  Most looked edible, however appearance doesn’t mean delicious.  For example, I do not recommend eating seaweed salad. Looks like green spaghetti; smells like fish. Seaweed may be the next solution to hunger in the world, but unless you are starving, try to skip it…

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