Rainbow Bagel


It’s been quite sometime since I last bake, as I have been rather busy with work and catching up on dramas. (Btw, Descendants of the Sun is so damn good!! <3) BUT.. I finally got the groove to bake again. YAYYY!!

I have been seeing pictures of rainbow bagels floating around everywhere, whether its the social media platform or even on the newspapers. So I had the sudden urge to give it a try. And plus, it’s so much cheaper to do it yourself actually, than to buy it outside. $.$

Working with your own bakes also allows you to improvise on the recipe to make it healthier (which might be equivalent to higher cost at times, but still cheaper) or having the flexibility to adjust it according to your liking by adding the flavours/colours you personally prefer.

For bagel wise, I personally feel that it is relatively healthy, as…

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