Why Audrey is my top banana

Another helping from Martin Dawes

Banana tea bread

It seems to be the case that every food blog worth the name has a recipe for banana tea bread. It almost goes without saying that all have the definitive version, the best ever, the top banana of recipes. You may have noticed that this blog is sadly lacking in that department.

It has recipes for making bacon, brown sauce, curried apple chutney, elderflower gin, pickled rhubarb, Melba toast and goodness knows what else but there is a big tea bread shaped hole among the 139 posts. Today it is filled!

I can confidently say that this recipe for banana tea bread is the best ever but I am making no claim that it is mine. It belongs to a food blogger in the USA called Audrey and she says it is the best ever. And it is.

Audrey, a married lady who blogs at www.meladycooks.com and is given to…

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