Red Riding Hood and a Path Through the Woods

a tale of two tumors

I saw the neurologist this week (I’m going to refer to her as Red Riding Hood from here on out). After the examination and describing my symptoms to her and the neurology resident, Red Riding Hood asks me if I am having vision problems. Intermittently, I do have trouble focusing and today is one of those days. She has noticed my pupils are large and that they are slow to adjust when she shines light in my eyes. I describe to her my discussions of this issue with my eye doctor over a year ago. She asks me if I have been having digestive issues and if I have low Vitamin D and ferritin – and I do! This has been a consistent issue. I tell her about my malabsorption and other problems and she says “aaaahhhhhh….hhhhhaaaa” like this is what she suspects I might say. She then tells me…

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