Chocolate Fondue Break

Mom's Acupuncture

We have been experimenting with skipping the nap for the better part of the week. My LO has been doing really well with it, much better than I am! I miss my little nips of chocolate confections while I sip coffee. Or pie with tea. Or icecream on cookies. Basically the sweet/bitter combo that is my achilles heel those couple of hours after noon.

Today, after an exhausting morning of shaking sand out of everything from our trip to the beach, I melted chocolate and just gave her some things to dip in it because I wanted the butter rich chocolate chip cookies, but I didn’t want her to eat them and then pass on dinner later.

Melted chocolate, blueberries, cherries, and peppermint leaves turned into a fun little fondue party for both of us. The peppermint leaves were an attempt on my part to introduce her to new flavor…

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