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World cooking


0.5 kilo thickness of any type you prefer
Two cups of rice
Kg potatoes, peeled and cut into circles
500 g Islands circles clip
4beads turkey Green Pepper
250 gonions, sliced
5 cloves garlic
Package Qsber
Cup chopped parsley
Two tablespoons of tomato large concentrated
Sour juice
0.5 cup vinegar
Tablespoon cumin
Tablespoon Barbaka
Teaspoon Shatta
Workshop thyme
Cup olive oil
0.25 teaspoon black pepper
Cup water
Salt, to taste
3 tomatoes Mvromen

Hptin tomato sliced

How to prepare—

Boiled carrots and potatoes Sliq half and half and then Nsalq rice when approaching Alnda Cut the bell peppers and add it Aisalq him then Ndver

Heras in Nehrs Alqsber and garlic with salt and then put it in a pot and add the parsley, tomato concentrated lemon juice add spice vinegar salt Azaatarotamatm chopped a quarter cup of oil Nhlthm well and leave a little

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