A Simpler Life

Simple + Free

When did everything become so complicated?

I love visualizing humanity’s timeline on earth – from whenever it began whether it be 100,000 or 4,000 years ago and a line graph heading straight to today. The line proceeds low on the graph until say, we created civilizations and governments and weapons and farm tools where it rises just a bit. But in the early to mid 1900s the line on this fictional graph in my head all of a sudden shoots straight up into high numbers.

What on earth these numbers even mean, I’m unsure of. I’m a writer, not a mathematician or economist. But socially and psychologically speaking, this line probably refers to a sense of manufactured stress surrounding life.

Depression is at an all-time high. Why? To me it’s simple – complication.

One could say ease the age of technology during our modern times has made things less complicated and easier. But I beg to…

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