Strengths and Weaknesses: What Really Makes a Character Strong?

Crimson Kingdom Publishing

[Disclaimer: There are many things that go into making a well written and strong character such as practice and understanding basic human psychology, but those are not things I feel qualified to talk about. I guess you could make the argument that I’m not qualified to really talk about any of this. These are my feelings and opinions on what I think is one of the most overlooked aspects of character creation.]

So often do we hear talk of strong female characters, how there are so few, and why so few people can write them effectively. This is definitely a major problem, not just with women but with men, in that characters that are supposed to be viewed as strong willed simply aren’t, and that’s because there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what makes a strong character.

Typically, when you think of a strong character, you think physically: They can…

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