Sweet Potato Pudding

Jamaican Pastries

Nothing gets the endorphins rushing than some good old Jamaican pastries!.From our decadent sweet potato pudding to our savory patties its safe to say that Jamaica is the go to place to satisfy any sweet tooth. Our creative ancestors discovered various techniques and products to transform into what we enjoy today and boy do we thank them.Below is my

Sweet Potato Pudding-Hell a top..Hell a bottom and halleluijah inna the middle is an appropriate way to describe this amazingly amazing treat.Some of my best childhood days was spent in the country and the best parts for me was helping my mom prepare a potato pudding, using a grater we would grate various ground provisions like potato (she would emphasize that the pale skin one was the best) cassava, dasheen, green plantain and yellow yam then it was her special blend of various spices that would go into the mouthwatering batter…

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