What Remains

Don't Let Me Be

On Tuesday it will be a month since I tried to take my life from myself. It would be very easy for me to wish I’d succeeded now there’s nothing but uncertainty left, something that I find hard to stand. But I know that I should stay and work for what I believe in. I’ll make clear that I do not have full belief in the EU and its structure, but I had more confidence in that system than what remains; an untrustworthy establishment.

Stand out consequences of leaving the EU: public services endangered; heightened racism and xenophobia towards refugees and migrants; classism; FTSE 100 instability; and a loss of EU academics in our educational institutions. However, for me the major victim of this referendum will be the UK environment and how it is managed under a more politically right wing government than ever.

It certainly can be argued that EU enforced environmental policies…

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