The Jerusalem Ramparts II

Braman's Wanderings

Today we walked on top of the walls of Jerusalem again.

Last year when I was digging here in Israel we also walked on The Jerusalem Ramparts.

This time we went in the opposite direction from the Jaffa Gate.

Jerusalem walls, ramparts walks, Jaffa Gate

Of course the ramparts looked a lot the same. However, in this direction we did  not have to go up and down stairs as much.. There were stairs though.

Jerusalem Walls, Ramparts WalkHere is a view of the ramparts looking back toward the Jaffa Gate. You can see Luke walking on the wall. He is wearing the same color shirt as he did last year when we walked on the ramparts.

Barb Wire, Security Fence, Ramparts Walk, JerusalemThere are some areas of the wall where we saw barbed wire to keep people from climbing onto structures adjacent to the wall. In many areas there are buildings very close to the ramparts.

View of Jerusalem, Damascus Gate, Golden Dome, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy SeplucreHere is a picture taken from the Damascus Gate…

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