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You might believe we were living in two parallel universes. My social-media and news feed is telling me that we are doomed, depressed and facing imminent disaster. My friends (and myself) are shell-shocked – not quite believing the finality of the outcome of this referendum. News stories are telling us of “Bregret” – those who regret having voted out, and of the petition that has reached over 3.5 million signatures in three days asking for a second referendum, and of the mayhem and uncertainty facing Westminster.  The over-riding sentiment that I’ve come across has been of betrayal, fury and unfairness.  And yet, if you opened up the Sun, you’d feel the glee and the glory jumping from pages… victory of the majority having been heard after having been ignored for so long, feelings of euphoria and excitement, “We are Boomed!” reads one headline – and a great big middle-finger to…

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