The One To Make My Husband Mad

A Force to be Reckoned With

Two years ago when this article about the default parent came out on Huff post, I read it and it resonated with me so strongly I wanted to talk to my husband, Max about it. He instantly heard the title and thought “that’s me”. In his defense he was the stay at home dad at the time. So, he was kissing boo-boos, fixing lunches, and doing all the daily business.  But what my husband could not see was that while he was the one home with kids, people called me for play dates and appointments. Even though he was the one who was with them, their grandparents called me to ask their sizes and to talk to them on the phone and sometimes were even perturbed when I was not home with them. During the four years I was getting my two bachelor’s degrees my husband was a stay at home…

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