This Clever Projector Works Like A Desk Lamp

Unhinged Group

Sure they’ve gotten a smaller, lighter, brighter, and sharper, but modern projectors—even the tiny “pico projectors“—haven’t evolved significantly from their birth in the 1980s. They’re still obnoxious boxes that fit into our lives and homes worse than our TVs, somehow. And that’s a shame, because the right projector could be a lot more flexible; it could put images anywhere.

Now, for his graduation project at RCA, industrial designer Toni Sokura has rethought what a projector can be. Instead of a box that needs mounts, the Pivot Projector works more like a portable lamp, so that you could carry it around your home, aim it at the nearest wall, and go. The projector can run five hours on a charge, streaming videos via Wi-Fi.

“I find it curious that the design of pico projectors follows the design of large home-cinema projectors so closely, yet they are used in…

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