Why kids should NOT learn to code …

Cooper Babble

I am sure many people have said this before, but I just have to get it out. I hate “coding” and I don’t think kids need to learn to code. Full disclosure — I am a K-12 programming teacher, have been a professional programmer and love programming.

Let’s go multidisciplinary on this. A world class violin maker is at an exhibition of her work, someone says to her, “Did you always want to be a sawer?” Do you think Maya Angelou excelled in comma class? Was Eames (the chair guy) a great hammerist? All of these people are not defined by their tool, they are defined and admired for their design. Designers are tool users. Programmers are designers, problem solvers, self-expressionists, artisans. Coders were people who worked on the Enigma machine (some were also programmers).

So programmers design solutions often using computer code AND that can be a good paying job so…

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